Panna Zsigmondi

Consultant - Hungary

Panna holds a certificate in Ericksonian coaching and has facilitated communication and management training programs for multi-national cooperation.

She worked as Assistant Professor of Japanese Religion at Amsterdam Free University and then started her business career as Executive Director of the oldest German institution in Japan, the German East Asiatic Society (OAG), Tokyo, were she was in charge of major cross-cultural events, projects and publishing. At the same time she worked as a marketing consultant for Dentsu Inc. and other Japanese companies and institutions. She is fluent in German, Dutch, English and Japanese, speaks conversational French and has many years of experience in interpreting.

Claudia has worked as consultant, trainer and coach for almost ten years with more than forty companies, joint ventures and M&As in different industries (automotive, electronics, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, consumer products, etc.) and countries (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, China and Japan).

Additionally Claudia is a specialist with many years of experience in the field of Toyota Production System (Lean Manufacturing & Management). Claudia specifically focuses on the question of how cultural backgrounds influence a company's performance system and helps cross-cultural teams to improve and align their processes accordingly.