Whether you are working in or with a Japanese company, we offer a variety of classroom based courses to suit your needs.

Our approach


All our consultants are trained to use the core Japan Intercultural Consulting material developed by our founder, Rochelle Kopp.


This material forms the basis of our perennially popular standard seminars – Working Effectively with Japanese Colleagues and Working Effectively with European Colleagues and consists of:


  • 19 dimensions of culture, ranging across verbal and non-verbal communication, attitudes to confrontation and hierarchy, risk propensity, process versus result, and preferences on decision making and accountability. 

    After consultation with the client, usually around 6 of the dimensions are chosen for our standard 1 day, 6 hour programme or 3 for a half day seminar (recommended for those who have less frequent interaction with Japanese colleagues).

  • Each dimension is accompanied by a self-assessment, case studies, a set of questions for discussion and practical tips on how to bridge any cultural gaps

  • We also have modules on etiquette, Top 10 Things Japanese Customers Want, communication tips for native English speakers, effective English communication tips for Japanese employees, understanding corporate cultures, post-merger integration, approaching Japan HQ and avoiding discriminatory behaviour


Leadership and Management Development

We can offer leadership, management development and team building workshops for mixed nationality groups or Japanese expatriate groups.  Areas covered include situational leadership, agile project management, performance management, “honest conversations” and building relations with Japan headquarters.  The materials are bilingual Japanese/English material, adapted to meet the needs of European/Middle Eastern/African employees and Japanese working in the EMEA operations of Japanese companies.